David Kennedy Cutler, Writing

Dancing With Yourself (Towards An Introverted Sublime), 2017. Published in Apricota Issue #1: PDF

Collaboration and Its (Dis)Contents, Art Architecture & Photography Since 1950, Courtauld Books, 2017 (interview) LINK

History, 2015. PDF

The White Part, or An Avalanche Everyday (On the Art of Ryan Wallace), 2014.  Published by Susan Inglett Gallery. PDF

Extreme Patience (On The Art of Shana Lutker), 2013. Published in Benefits of Friends Collected. PDF

Fabrications, 2013, Published in &&& by Paper Cuts.  PDF

Against Geology, 2010, Published in artist's book Against Geology / Blossoms of Greenpoint, 2011.  PDF

Bleach, 2010.  Artist's book proposal, printed in Bleach.  PDF

Transmitters, 2009. PDF

The Blossoms of Greenpoint, 2008.  Published in artist's book Against Geology / The Blossoms of Greenpoint, 2011.  PDF

The Towers of No Harm, 2006. Published in Lovely Daze #3.  PDF

The Desert of Envy, 2004.  Published in Strippedbare 03, Summer 2004.  PDF